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Reviews for Foundation Chiropractic

What Our Patients Say

At Foundation Chiropractic we love when patients share their feedback, comments, and stories with us. Please feel free to read our reviews below and find out how Dr. Garrett has helped so many children and parents in Oswego and the surrounding communities!

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Video Testimonials

Thank You Team!

Since seeing Dr. Gripp, Brody has had improved focus, social skills and nutrition. We’ve seen his grades improve and he’s sleeping better. Thank you to Dr. Gripp and all of the Foundation Chiropractic team!

– Brody’s parents


A Positive Change

Since visiting Foundation Chiropractic, Chase’s focus has improved and he’s much calmer. We’ve seen an improvement in his grades and he’s sleeping better at night.

– Chase’s parents

Better Behavior Seen

Chiropractic care has helped improve Mason’s behavior. He’s also getting better sleep, which has made Mason a much happier boy.

– Mason’s parents


No More Headaches!

Vanessa had several devastating headaches every week, causing her to miss school and activities with friends, before coming to Foundation Chiropractic. Since seeing Dr. Gripp, Vanessa has gone weeks without headaches and is less anxious.

– Vanessa’s parents

Significant Improvements!

We were desperate to find the right kind of combination of therapy for our daughter to be a happy, well adjusted 4 year old. Maggie has a level 1 Autism diagnosis & we had been struggling for several months with social/emotional issues.

Since starting care at Foundation Chiropractic we have noticed significant improvements in her mood, ability to reason and her ability to negotiate with us instead of demanding her wants/needs. She has also started to engage with other children.

Her coordination has also improved! She has started pedaling a tricycle & her bike in the past few months. The coordination required for those activities was something she previously couldn’t do.

Maggie also seems to sleep deeper & longer since beginning care.

We absolutely recommend Foundation Chiropractic and have told many of our friends in similar situations.

– Mom


Amazing Difference in Life Overall

DJ has needed speech services since the age of 2. Shortly after beginning chiropractic care his teacher noticed a decrease in his stuttering. He has also improved in his ability to construct several sentences to describe a given objector to tell a story. We are happy to report that DJ will start the next school year only needing speech services one day/week! We have also noticed that DJ has a calmer demeanor since starting care. He used to get upset very easily when things did not go as he expected them too. Lastly, since starting his visits DJ has not needed his daily dose of Zyrtec. The constant runny nose and itchy eyes has stopped! You will be amazed at the difference Chiropractic makes in your child’s everyday life!

– Jamie M.

Great with Kids

He didn’t fall into the “ADD” category but we were looking for alternative ways to help him focus better, sleep better and improve school/home. He hasn’t had his “weird” feelings anymore. His focus/behavior is better in school – he went from being in the red most days to almost none! He also has less night terrors – really almost none now!

We absolutely recommend Foundation Chiropractic. You are great with kids and really listen to parents concerns.

– Amanda R.


Amazing Results with Chiropractic

I didn’t want to tell you this in front of Brendon but I want you to know that he is doing amazing. He is doing drivers ed in summer school which I never would have been able to get him to consider in the past. He also went with us as a family to meet all of our extended family at Chilis to celebrate our nephews graduation. He was very nervous but just calmly told us he was but still went and then continued to try to plan to go nighttime bowling. He actually had a lot of fun that night! Bob and I were both shocked. And now he was texting another friend and he has 2 friends coming over on Saturday to hang out. I don’t even recognize Brendon if I compare him prior to chiropractic. I could go on and on with how well he is doing and I cannot tell you the difference it has made in his and our families lives!!

– Jennifer K.

Positive Changes in Both Children

Cy and Ridge have ADHD and ASD. It was difficult for them to focus at home & school. Ridge also has a significant speech delay. Cy is more calm and can practice better self-control. He is able to recognize his moods and emotions and can better communicate his needs. Cy is sleeping better.

Ridge is also practicing better self-control and has shown huge progress in his speech. He is also now able to attend group activities and circle play for a much longer duration. Ridge used to wake up at 3am and stay awake for 2-3 hours. He is now sleeping through the night

– Jennifer G.


Great Improvements

I originally looking into chiropractic care for my youngest son due to hyperactive and nonchalant attitude towards listening and paying attention. Also for myself physically.

Since jump starting my nervous system I’ve noticed drastic change in the way I react to things when it came to my home life (children/husband). I realized I was always in a state of constant disappointment. Leading me into a bit of rage instead of allowing myself to analyze the situation and addressing it more appropriately. Which helped me when explaining the issue, resulting in a better outcome from the family.

I also have no more pain. I do not feel the need to crack my neck and back. I am less concerned with how I feel physically, making it easier to focus mentally. I’m less anxious, I used to focus on a task and never know where to start. Now I am able to just get the things I need done, leaving a feeling of accomplishment.


Better Communication

When we first met Dr. Garrett to discuss our sons treatment plan, I remember he asked me what I wanted chiropractic adjustments to do for John. I told him that what I really wanted was for my son to talk more. After two months of adjustments I had parent-teacher conferences at school. John’s teachers told me he was doing great and then the speech therapist said that since John was talking so much more they no longer considered him “non-verbal.” She asked me if it was OK that they discontinue using assistive technology with him (they had been using and iPad with him for communicating) – I was so excited!! Last week we had John’s IEP and although he still has some goals to work on, his speech therapy goals are almost all achieved. I am very happy with the progress John has made and the freedom he has found now that he can express himself and communicate better. We definitely recommend Foundation Chiropractic!! Dr. Garrett is a wonderful person and a great chiropractor. He is very understanding and connects really well with his patients. We are grateful that we found him and for everything he had done for John.

– Jackie W.


Pain Free Pregnancy

I was having terrible back/rib pains being pregnant and I really wanted to keep the pain managed and have all of the benefits of chiropractic during pregnancy. After starting care I was having less aches and pains, I was able to play with my 3 year old pain free and I was able to workout my entire pregnancy pain free. My nausea at the beginning of my pregnancy was not terrible at all once I started chiropractic care. I was sleeping 100% better and had lots of energy. I had a very fast and easy labor and delivery – all around felt incredible. After delivery I felt amazing – no anxiety, no depression.

I recommend Dr. Garrett to anyone that is pregnant or plans to be pregnant! I 100% believe chiropractic care by Dr. Garrett is what made everything enjoyable, fast, easy & quick before, during and after labor and delivery.

– Liz R.

Autism – Developmental Delay

“I heard about Foundation Chiropractic through Facebook via “The Perfect Storm” event. My husband and I have a 2 year-old son who has recently entered early intervention.

We came to the event because he was lacking eye contact, lacking any social skills, lacking any response if you said his name, as well as non-verbal. And the thing is, he used to do these things, he used to be verbal. Something happened along the line in this Perfect Storm that prevented his development from furthering.

Since starting care he is already a DIFFERENT KID. He gives us eye contact all throughout the day. If I call his name he turns his head and acknowledges my presence. He had major issues going along with the sensory piece where he couldn’t keep on clothes or a diaper and I was losing my sanity. For the past several days he hasn’t fought me at all! As well as, a small group of his vocabulary has come back. He has started speaking again!


Also, he was a very angry, angry child and no child has a reason to be that upset all the time. So his overall behavior has improved drastically. He is a much happier kid, he actually smiles now! He is also able to do more of the physical signs as far as high 5’s and clapping for himself, whereas that was lost before.

I am AMAZED at the results so far. I thought MAYBE we would be at this point at the end of care. I genuinely have HOPE now!”


ADHD – Hyperactivity

“We brought Daniel to Dr. Garrett’s office because he had displayed strong characteristics of ADHD. He is very active, always on the go, hard time slowing down, didn’t sleep well and we were looking for a solution to help him.

In the 3 months Daniel had been seeing Dr. Garrett his activity level slowed down. He’s not running from one thing to another, sits through a meal, sleeping more soundly and sleeps later in the morning.

We would highly recommend Foundation Chiropractic and going to see Dr. Garrett. Daniel loves going to the office and seeing Dr. Garrett. Dr. Garrett is an incredible doctor that really cares about his patients and their well-being.”


“We were thinking about chiropractic for a year but we’re not so sure. Then, one of my good friends referred me to Dr. Garrett.

The positive changes we have noticed since starting care include reduced energy levels, less running, less jumping, less stimming (both vocal and physical), less constipation, less colds, more focus and more listening.

We definitely recommend Foundation Chiropractic.”


Migraines – Headaches

“I came to Dr. Garrett’s office because I was searching for a solution to my constant migraines. For the past three years, I had been suffering horrible headaches that didn’t seem to be relieved by anything I tried. I was on medication daily, but there was no relief! I came to his office to see if he could help with my headaches.

Before starting care, I had headaches and migraines for 3 years. They were daily and terrible.

After coming to Dr. Garrett’s, I have had far less headaches and no migraines. Instead of daily headaches, it has become rare for me to have a headache once a week. Talk about improvement!



“I’ve been more relaxed, less stressed, less tense, but the benefit of it is what I didn’t know it was going to do is help me with – Lupus. According to my doctors, all my tests results for the last, I don’t know, month or so have been coming out really, really good due to the less stress. My body is not fighting itself so its easier for my body to heal and not fight itself because I am not stressed out.

Additionally, they have a point system and my kidneys have been functioning so much better they took me off 2 medications. They lowered my water pills, blood pressure pills and all my other medications.”



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