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Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

Studies show that pregnant women under chiropractic care experience decreased labor time and less pain during delivery. Correct alignment of the pelvis and sacrum combined with optimal function of the uterus not only allows more room for the baby to grow and develop, but it also allows the baby to assume the optimal position prior to birth, providing an easier labor and delivery.

Health From Preconception to Delivery

Chiropractic care before conception can help to ensure that a woman’s body is ready for a baby. Throughout pregnancy, chiropractic care can relieve issues such as back pain and general discomfort while also preparing mom and baby for labor and delivery. The frequency of visits to the office will depend on the findings from the examination and the stage of pregnancy.

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The Webster Technique

Dr. Garrett is certified in the Webster Technique. This technique analyzes the sacrum as well as the ligaments that attach the uterus to the sacrum. Once the sacrum is in correct alignment and the ligaments are free from any tension, the uterus is able to assume a natural position. When this occurs, the baby has more room and therefore, the best chance at being in the appropriate position for birth.

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