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Patient Education Resources


Unraveling Neurodevelopmental and Behavior Disorders

Picky Eaters

Autism 101

Academic & Behavior Struggles

Low Muscle Tone and Developmental Delays

Anxiety Webinar

Helping Uncomfortable Babies #colic #constipation #lackofsleep

Torticollis’ Negative Impact on Pediatric Growth & Development

Backpack/Bookbag Safety Tips

Is the BUMBO seat a NO-NO?


Our #1 Tip to Decreasing SENSORY Meltdowns

Overcoming ADHD and Sensory Challenges

3 Most Common Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic


What your Pediatricians are NOT talking about!

Is your child’s brain on Training Wheels?

Behavior and Neuro-Developmental Disorders 101

Behavior and Neurodevelopmental Disorders 101

The VIP Pass ends December 1st! #ADHD #Autism #SPD #Tics #OCD #Aspergers #PDDNOS #Anxiety

Posted by Foundation Chiropractic IL on Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Improving Social Skills in Neuro-Developmentally Delayed Kids

How to OVERCOME the ODDS and improve SOCIAL SKILLS in neuro-developmentally delayed kiddos!

Posted by Foundation Chiropractic IL on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Sensory Processing Disorder


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